Spay & Neuter Info – Animal Action League


· IMPORTANT – Do not feed your pet any food after midnight the day before surgery. A little water is okay. If your pet is under 3 months, allow a small amount of food (1/2 teaspoon for kitten, 1 tablespoon for puppies) in the morning. 

· Please have your pet on a leash or in a carrier. If you don’t have a leash or carrier, get one from our check-in area BEFORE taking your pet out of your vehicle.

· If there is a risk that your dog will bite or display aggressive behavior, please ask for a muzzle BEFORE bringing your dog into the check-in area.

· JOSHUA TREE CLINICS – Please drive around the building and park inside the back gate.



Did you know that having your dog altered is healthy for your dog and your wallet?

Look at the difference in license fee:
San Bernardino County – Unaltered Dog – $96 1yr, Altered Dog – $24 1yr
Riverside County – Unaltered Dog – $100 1yr, Altered Dog – $17 1yr

Other Benefits

· Your pet will live a longer, healthier life · Your pet will have less stress, discomfort and distraction · Reduces the urge to roam away from home · You will be saving hundreds of lives · Stops the heat cycle…no bloody discharge anymore · Reduces mounting · Stops unwanted visits from other male animals · You will be looked at as a responsible pet owner!!!


Q – When and how do I pay for spay/neuter/vaccines/microchips/nail trims?

A Please pay at the time your animal is checked in.

Q – Do I need an appointment for spay/neuter and vaccinations?

A – You will need an appointment for spay/neuter surgeries but not vaccinations.

Q – How old does my pet need to be to get spay/neutered?

A – 8 weeks old

Q – Does my pet have to be in good health to have surgery?

– Yes, animals can not have fevers, nasal discharge, vomiting, coughing or diarrhea prior to surgery.

Q – What time do I bring my pet to AAL on surgery day?

– You will be given a time when you schedule your appointment.


Drop off is as follows:

8:00 am – ALL cats

8:15 am – Large-XXL Female dogs

8:30 am – XS-Medium Female dogs

8:45 am – All Male dogs

9:00 am – Health Checks

Q – What time do I pick my pet up on surgery day from AAL?

– Pick up times are approximately 2:30-3:30 p.m. You will be given a time at drop off to come pick up your pet.

Q – Are surgeries done by a veterinarian?

– Yes all surgeries are performed by a Licensed DVM (Vet).

Q – How do I care for my pet after surgery?

– AAL will provide a sheet with after surgery information to pet owner at time of drop off.

Q – What is Standby?

– Standby is when you show up to any clinic where ever that clinic is located at 8:00am (no food/water for pet after midnight the night before) and attempt to get them in that day. We should know by 9:00am if your pet will get in. There is no guarantee, but there is always a chance.

If you have any concerns about your pet after surgery, please call us immediately at (760) 464-6970.