Spay & Neuter Info – Animal Action League

How to Schedule an Appointment for Spay/Neuter

Due to our high demand of our affordable services, we are now booking month to month. We have created one day a month called “OPEN BOOKING DAY” that is dedicated to receiving voicemails for scheduling spay/neuter appointments for the following month. Calls are returned in the order in which we receive them. Each month this date changes, so please check our calendar online and on FACEBOOK.

  • “OPEN BOOKING DAY” begins at 8am sharp
  • Be advised we only have one phone line, so if it is busy – keep trying! (some people have called 174 times before they got through!)
  • You must call (760) 366-1100 and leave a message on Option #4 – all voicemails will be returned within 1-5 business days
  • Once we receive 250 voicemails we stop accepting further appointment requests
  • Voicemails left before 8am will NOT be answered 
  • First call, first served until all spots are full
  • Only 2 appointments per household per month
  • Email and Facebook messages for appointment requests will NOT be honored
  • Please be advised due to our clinic restrictions and limitations some appointment types fill up faster than others – example: large female dog spots fill up faster than male cats
You may call our office at anytime for further information or instructions about “OPEN BOOKING DAYS”. 

Standby Instructions


Standby is another option, and can sometimes be a faster option, to get your pet spayed/neutered if you do NOT have an appointment. We like to compare standby to the airlines. When someone doesn’t show up for their appointment, we can get someone in as a standby. Whatever the pet that canceled is, that is what we can replace the spot with. Example: if a female cat cancels, we can fill that spot with another female cat.

To get on our standby list:

  • Standby is when you show up at our clinic location at 8am 
  • Check our Calendar for dates and locations
  • Make sure your pet is with you and doesn’t have food or water after midnight the night before the clinic
  • Do NOT leave the premise, you will know by 9:15am if we can get your pet in for surgery
  • We can NOT control when people show up to attempt standby. We have seen lines start forming as early as 7am



Another option to get your pet spayed or neutered is to call any full service veterinarian. We have attached a list for you. Keep in mind, these are NOT low cost. They may or may not have financial assistance available, you will need to call and ask them.

Pets We Will NOT Spay/Neuter:

Pure-bred English, French Bull Dogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers or Pekingese

Great Danes over 4 months old

Female Dogs over 80 lbs

Male Dogs over 90 lbs

Crypt Orchid (only one testicle)

Bilateral Crypt (no testicles dropped)

Dogs 9 years old and over 40 lbs

Dogs or cats over 11 years old and under 40 lbs

History of seizures

Neurological Issues

Any type of heart murmur

Prior abdominal surgeries on female dogs

If your pet is unhealthy