FERAL CAT POLICY – Animal Action League

Feral Cat Policy

Animal Action League is a non-profit organization, that relies on private donations and grants to keep us in business and functioning. Nothing is “FREE”. We are not funded by any type of government programs at this time.  

Cost to spay/neuter a feral cat: 


SPONSORED CLINIC:  $25* donation 

*Understanding these feral cats are not owned, we will accept whatever financial means you can afford towards the surgery. 

AAL defines a feral cat as:  

A feral cat or a stray cat is an unowned domestic cat that lives outdoors and avoids human contact: it does not allow itself to be handled or touched, and usually remains hidden from humans.  

 AAL reserves the right to perform “feral cat temperament test” on each feral cat in a trap.  If we feel it is not a true feral according to our definition, you will be added to the standby list for the day.  

  • Feral cats are not required to have an appointment due to the uncertainty of trapping. 
  • The trapped feral MUST be at the clinic location no later than 8am to insure a spot. Any arrivals after 8am is not a guarantee.
  • Only one feral cat per household per clinic will be permitted, all others will be put on standby list  
  • Feral cats MUST be in a FERAL cat trap with a towel cover-NO EXCEPTIONS
  •  Only one feral cat per trap is permitted for the safety of the cat and our staff-NO EXCEPTIONS  
  • Any cat that arrives in a feral cat trap for surgery will automatically be given a mandatory ear tip at no additional charge-NO EXCEPTIONS 
  • Due to space limitations, we can only accept 5 feral cats WITHOUT appointments per clinic. When more than 5 ferals show up without appointments, AAL will determine which 5 get to stay depending on age, pregnancy, temperament, etc. according to OUR standards of importance and priority 
  • Anyone who we feel is abusing any of our guidelines/protocols will be immediately banned from our services. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone
  • Any client who is rude and/or disrespectful to staff and volunteers will be banned from using our services